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I am Mayur Pathak, digital marketing consultant, content marketer and growth hacker from India and this is my blog. Here I write about marketing, entrepreneurship, UX design, web marketing strategies and technologies. I am an avid reader and I share my researches about new age marketing on this blog.

Apart from writing this blog, I also build and market Incubatize, a super simple idea management tool for progressive teams, work as a digital marketing consultant for a couple of marketing agencies and spend my weekends as a volunteer for social initiatives of AWGP.

Before that, I was a cubicle mole at a couple of Tata Group companies where I acquired skills in brand management, marketing, and designing.

My current research and writing interests, apart from Digital Marketing and Social Media are;

  • Content Marketing
  • UX Designing
  • Growth Hacking

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Blogging is one of the best learning exercises. When you learn, write and share about things you want to excel into, you retain a lot more than you would otherwise. I am learning a lot while writing this blog and I would encourage you to start your own blog as well, in case you haven’t started yet.

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